Kayamut: The Sustainability Company, Ltd. provides a complete range of sustainability and environmental consulting services to businesses, local and national governments, NGOs, and individuals.

Kayamut consists of a small administrative staff plus a wide network of local and global experts. It was established to provide these experts with the sales, marketing, and administrative support necessary to allow them to focus where they are most productive – in the field of their technical expertise.

Kayamut is a link between need and knowledge, and empowers all partners along the way. Kayamut seeks to position itself as a one stop shop in the area of sustainability and environmental consulting.  It aims to become the first choice for businesses, governments, NGOs and private individuals when they look for service providers in sustainability.

Activities include the following:

For the business and governmental sectors:
  1. Executive Management
  2. Establishing environmental impact statements
  3. Providing strategic business advice and preparing business plans with an emphasis on green business
  4. Obtaining ISO 14001 certification
  5. Providing environmental project managers in companies and municipal authorities
  6. Supporting environmental managers in companies (especially in large companies)
  7. Coordinating outsourcing activities for managing environmental units in medium-sized companies
  8. Preparing environmental impact statements (reports, prospectuses relating to  environmental issues, etc)
  9. Mentoring qualified start-ups
  10. Facilitating routine and strategic planning meetings​
Marketing and Communications:
  1. Designing marketing and communications programs regarding sustainability
  2. Developing public relations activities in environmental stewardship
  3. Designing advertising brochures, posters, and social media campaigns
  4. Writing SEO content for environmental web sites of

companies and authorities:
  1. Providing green building consulting
  2. Developing and Implementing guidelines for implementing a green office program
  3. Implementing programs for reducing carbon emissions
  4. Legal and Regulatory
  1. Assisting in establishing green industry forums in local authorities
  2. Accompanying environmental units and local authorities in a variety of activities
  3. Assisting industries in environmental business licensing
  4. Submitting requests for support from the Ministry of the Environment
  5. Providing professional guidance to specific environmental committees of local authorities
 Special Events:
  1. Developing and hosting environmental projects
  2. Managing events from the perspective of sustainability
For NGOs:
  1. Assisting in obtaining financial support
  2. Providing strategic and routine meeting facilitation which helps organizations run more efficiently, clarify their goals, and succeed
For the private sector:
  1. Green architecture
  2. Support for green building.
  3. Training events for recycling activities
  4. Green-home management
For more information, please contact:

Eyran Noy -CEO

Email: eyran@kayamut.co.il
Kayamut – The Center for Collaboration on Sustainability and the Environment LTd.

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