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Kayamut: The Sustainability Company is the bridge between those needing sustainability-related goods and services and providers of those goods and services.  Clients include international organizations, businesses, local and national governments, and NGOs.  Partners include a variety of businesses and organizations that provide water, energy, waste, and other sustainability-related goods and services.

Kayamut reviews tenders from the European Bank, the World Bank, the United Nations and other well known sources. Kayamut then researches the existing market, contacts the industries’ top experts and producers, and teams up with them to create world-class solutions.

Kayamut consists of an experienced management team plus an ever-growing network of local and global technical experts and leading companies.  It was established to provide those experts and companies with the sales, marketing, and administrative support necessary to allow them to focus where they are most productive – in the field of their technical expertise.

Kayamut is the bridge between clients’ needs and top-quality solutions, providing a win-win situation that substantially benefits both parties.

Kayamut currently has expert teams for the following types of projects:
  • Water supply and treatment
  • ESCO and energy conservation
  • Waste and recycling awareness
  • Event Media Production
  • GIS
  • Climate Change Management
  • Social and Environmental Training
For more information, please contact:

Elisheva Blum
Director of International Business Development

Kayamut: The Sustainability Company

Phone: +972 77 437 1626


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